Monday, May 27, 2013


besides being busy with some orders, tending to a 22 month old and some other stuff that has been happening, i have completely neglected this space for some time now. i'm thinking i should just join instagram already......since i never pick up a camera anymore, i just use my iphone.
i've also been tidying up a little, tending to some new plants and making a green juice every morning. i am hooked. apple, lemon, ginger, mint and kale. love. (thanks gwyneth! actually, i've made a bunch of recipes from the book and they've all been really good. seriously.)
anything that you've been really digging lately?


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Now that summer is here I am re-addicted to green juice! So good! Hope all is well Kate and I'm happy you're still making cute things.

kt said...

Missing your posts; figuring that Alice is happily keeping mama to herself.
best you you and yours-

petal and plume said...

so beautiful. post again soon?

Sophie said...

I love the little triangle pot plant on your desk, where is it from?